A Weekly Communication from the Fifth Grade Teachers at Ayer Elementary

The week of April 14th

STUDENTS: Please consider completing this survey to help Nagel students who are applying for the opportunity to create a Cincinnati Museum Center exhibit for 5-12 year olds.

  • Instruction: Begin persuasive essay research. Rough drafts are due THURSDAY.
  • Assessment: No spelling this week.

  • Instruction: Hatchet (novel) and related activities
  • Assessment: Open book chapter checkup on MONDAY.
  • Other: Students should be reading 20 minutes nightly. 140+ minutes per week is the goal. Record your book title and minutes in your plan book each night!

Math (Vincent)
  • Instruction: Continue Geometry and Volume explorations.
  • Assessment: End of unit test on THURSDAY (Farmer).
  • Other: Students should complete 40+ MobyMax minutes online weekly. Visit the Online Math Page for important math links.


Social Studies
  • Instruction: Finish European Explorer mini-research project.
  • Assessment: Open book quiz on Ch. 5 (Routes of Exploration to the New World) on Wednesday, 4/23
  • Other: European Explorer Websites

Other Information